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Exterior Painting

Our goal is your satisfaction! We provide personalized services to help you with any residential painting project from small to large. If your home’s exterior paint is weathered from the sun, or if the interior of your home has that lived-in feel, a good paint job can transform your home to like look like new again.

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Interior & Exterior Painting
Exterior Painting
Interior Painting

Interior painting can breathe new life into the inside of your home. Our professional team will paint walls and ceilings of any height. We do all prep work including wallpaper removal or texture repair and drywall repair. We also protect your floors and furnishings, remove or protect door knobs, vents, outlets, and switch covers. Holes and cracks are filled and smoothed, including caulking of all baseboards, door jambs, window casings, and more.

We use top quality paint and offer the latest trends in colors, wall coatings and treatments. We also paint or refinish wood trim elements, including stairs, railings, mantels, paneling, wainscoting, and other woodwork.

Details and precision work create the professional interior home interior specialists love to see. We pay meticulous attention to detail work, such as matching paint, painting or refinishing of doors and window sills and frames, accent walls, and new texturing. A visitor will never know if the walls or other features have been repaired or painted a new color.

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  • Preparation

Surface preparation is the most important part of any painting project. From sanding rough surfaces, caulking windows and doors to priming, everything is outlined in our detailed estimates. Without the proper preparation and priming even the most expensive paint will not perform correctly. 

  • Finish

We help the homeowner determine if flat, eggshell, satin or semi gloss finished is appropriate for their project. After the proper surface preparation the high quality paints we use can perform at their best.

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting creates beauty and curb appeal, in addition to increasing the value and ambiance of your property. Our professional painters paint all exterior surfaces, including full painting of aluminum, brick, masonry, stucco, vinyl, and wood. We paint all fascia, gutters, doors, windows, and trim. Let us paint or stain the wood elements, including the decks, stairs, railing, and fence.

Some of the steps we take to ensure a beautiful finished product include power washing the surfaces we will paint to remove all debris. We will sand or scrape areas that require additional attention before applying the primer. Loose trim will be tightened or nailed back in place. All wood trim will be repaired or replaced if its rotten. We will patch damaged areas, so they blend with the existing finish and fill all cracks.

Our stringent quality control demands that we also protect surfaces that aren’t going to be painted, including surfaces such as walkways, windows, plants, unpainted brick, decks, pool areas, and more. The caliber of our work is essential to us, meaning we want you to be supremely happy with the results.

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