Full Home Remodeling

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Full Home Remodeling

Full Home Remodeling

St. Paul Contracting is a building contractor industry that is committed to providing premium home remodeling services to customers. Our team of certified contractors are experienced & specialize in full home remodeling, including kitchen and bathroom renovations, as well as deck additions and landscaping. We take pride in delivering superior quality work and excellent customer service, making sure that every project is completed to your exact specifications. We firmly believe that not only does quality matter, but also budget, so we strive to provide every customer with the best value for their money. Our unique selling point is our ability to guide each client through the process from concept to completion with a personalized

Whole House Remodel, No Addition

An entire home can be changed within its current framing. Whether you’re knocking down walls or adding new walls, we can look at changing the interior footprint to maximize the space for your needs. Open floor plans are still very popular and can create a whole new home within your existing house.

Whole House Remodel With Addition

Creating an addition that works structurally, blends in seamlessly from the exterior and ties in and fits with the interior space proportionally and stylistically can be a challenge. When choosing to structurally change the entirety of your home, many different factors will be considered.

Full Home Remodeling
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